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At Meander Valley Dairy we believe that everybody deserves a little indulgence in their everyday lives. We understand that with passion, trusted techniques and quality ingredients we can craft beautiful dairy products that provide that simple delight. We have been crafting some of Australia’s finest and most awarded cream and butter products for over 20 years. Today, our products are available across Australia in restaurants, retailers and online so that you can enjoy a little indulgence in your everyday life.

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Crafted with Passion in Tasmania

At Meander Valley Dairy we believe that quality food comes from quality craftsmanship. We use high quality ingredients and take the time to carefully craft our products to produce delicious flavours that bring people together.

Meander Valley Dairy was established In Northern Tasmania by third generation dairy farmers to deliver the simple pleasure of rich, thick, pure cream; adding some Indulgence Into everyday lives.

Today we continue to use traditional techniques with minimal Ingredients to craft a range of dairy products with a focus on natural flavour and quality.

Meander Valley Dairy cream products hark back to the days when cream was cream. We like to keep it simple so we do not add thickeners to our creams rather we keep them naturally thick, rich and decadent.

The recipes we use have their heritage in European traditions.  Our clotted cream uses the traditional techniques of Cornish farmers to gently bake the cream until it develops a delicate golden crust.

Whilst our crème fraiche takes inspiration from the French to develop a cultured cream that is the perfect balance of creaminess and acidity.

Meander Valley Dairy butter is cultured, using traditional French methods, so that it develops natural acidity that balances the rich creaminess. Once the culture has developed in the cream we churn it in small batches which produces both the butter and buttermilk.

The butter is kneaded and then shaped into rolls before it is hand wrapped and labelled. The buttermilk is bottled.

In 2020 we released a range of flavoured butters (not cultured) utilising flavours inspired by family favourites and Australian icons.

Our savoury herb and garlic butter will make any dish sing and matches perfectly with chicken, mushrooms or bread. For the perfect finish to a great steak we would recommend our Pepperberry butter infused with Tasmanian Native Pepperberry. Our Lemon & Myrtle Butter is great with fish or chicken.



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